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Introductory Remarks
Brian Randell

Information Retrieval, its origins in Newcastle
Elizabeth Barraclough

Parallelism Research Group
Pete Lee

How it was for us. Computing Science at Newcastle - The Early Days
Ewan Page

Research on Dependability, 1970-1997
Brian Randell and Tom Anderson

Internet User Services
Jill Foster

The Transition from Centralized to Distributed Computing
Harry Whitfield

(Early) Distributed Computing Research at Newcastle
Santosh Shrivastava

Train Spotting
Dick Snow

Student Registration by Computer
Elizabeth Barraclough and Santosh Shrivastava

The VLSI group at Newcastle
Albert Koelmans

I - Report of the Director 1957/1958
II - List of Staff
III - List of PhD students and Thesis Titles
IV - List of Graduates
V - Technical Reports
VI - Photographs
VII - Souvenir Song Book

The First Computing Typesetting Project
James Eve

Past and Present Research on Theory of Concurrency
Maciej Koutny

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