List of Staff

Present and Past Staff

While every effort has been made in producing this information it is possible that some names may have been omitted/included in error. Please mail with any amendments.

Present Staff

Department of Computing Science

Tom Anderson - Professor, Director of CSR
Jim Armstrong - Lecturer
Joan Armstrong - Secretary (Undergraduate Enquiries)
Joan Atkinson - Secretary (to Director of CSR)
Peter Barrett - Principal Research Associate
Olivier Biberstein - Visiting Fellow
David Black - Research Associate
Frank Burns - Research Associate
Steve Caughey - Research Associate
Tae-Young Choe - Guest Member of Staff
John Clowes - Guest Member of Staff
Gilbert Cockton - Visiting Fellow
Nick Cook - Administrative Co-ordinator (Research)
Shirley Craig - Librarian
Christine Davies - Secretary (Research)
Rogério de Lemos - Research Associate
John Dobson - Professor
Michael Elphick - Lecturer
Jim Eve - Guest Member of Staff
Paul Ezhilchelvan - Lecturer
Debbie Fawcett - Secretary (Research)
John Fitzgerald - Lecturer
Claire Hall - Secretary, CSR Enquiries
Nigel Hall - Senior Computer Officer
Keith Heron - Lecturer (joint post with UCS)
Barry Hodgson - Administrative Assistant (Research)
Chris Holt - Lecturer
Dave Ingham - Research Associate
Anke Jackson - Senior Secretary
Albert Koelmans - Lecturer
Maciej Koutny - Reader
Pete Lee - Professor
Mark Little - Research Associate
John Lloyd - Senior Lecturer, Head of Dept.
Lindsay Marshall - Lecturer
Mike Martin - Visiting Professor
Martin McLauchlan - Lecturer, Safety Officer
Jaroslaw Mirkowski - Visiting Fellow
Isi Mitrani - Professor
Steve Paynter - Visiting Lecturer CSR
Chris Phillips - Senior Lecturer
Brian Randell - Professor
Steve Riddle - Research Associate
Chris Ritson - Computer Officer
Alexander Romanovsky - Research Associate
Nick Rossiter - Lecturer
Amer Saeed - Lecturer
Seong-Gi Seo - Director - Centre for High Performance Computing and Networking
Santosh Shrivastava - Professor
Tim Smith - Senior Technician
Dick Snow - Lecturer
Neil Speirs - Lecturer
Jason Steggles - Demonstrator
Ros Strens - Senior Research Associate
Robert Stroud - Lecturer
Andrewena Swainston - Secretary
Gerry Tomlinson - Computer Officer
Emiliano Tramontana - Research Associate
Paul Watson - Lecturer
Stuart Wheater - Research Associate
Harry Whitfield - Professor
Jim Wight - Computer Officer
Chris Woodford - Lecturer (UCS)
Ken Wright - Lecturer
Fei Xia - Research Associate
Jie Xu - Senior Research Associate
Alex Yakovlev - Lecturer

University Computing Service

Mark Agar
Dave Alderson
R.J.S.T. Allan
R.S. Allen
Paul Baggott
Terry Betteridge
V.J. Bilton
E.H. Blair
Patricia Boyle
R.E. Broughton
Evelyn Brown
George Brown
Pauline Bryson
Tony Bush
Q.G. Campbell
Susan Carrick
Rob Clout
Paul Coates
J.D. Coleman
M.L. Coleman
Janice Coulson
Jeffrey Craig
Rita Dickinson
I.D. Doak
Michelle Embleton
H.E. Fleming
Bill Foggo
Jill Foster
Marie Foster
Janice Gaffney
C Gerrard
Francis Gilbert
F.T Greenwood
Paul Haldane
J. Hall
B.C. Hamshere
Deborah Harris
D.W. Hartland
Barbara Hattrick
Stuart Hay
Carol Hellier
Keith Heron
J.M. Hunter
A. Johnson
Brian Jones
R. Kerr
A.M. Lamont
J.A. Law
P. Lomas
Gill Lynch
Jean Mackay
Justin MacNeil
Keith Malcolm
Tony McDonald
Steve Minto
Carole Moffat
Nicola Montecchiari
Rod Morris
Alan Murphy
Ian Nicholson
Malcolm Paul
Julie Powell
R.G.C. Pringle
Damon Querry
T.J. Ratcliffe
B.A. Reid
Denis Russell
Ian Rutherford
P Salotti
Walter Scales
Lorna Scammell
Fenwick Scott
D.J. Sedgwick
G. Shearing
J.S. Snowball
S.L. Stuart
D.P Surtees
Ann Taylor
Gordon Taylor
C.A Vincent
E. Watson
J.E. Wheeler
P. Whillance
Emma Wright

Past Staff

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